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Freelance Graphic Design :
Learn How to Get WordPress Graphic Design Jobs

WordPress theme is a single bit of code used to enhance the typography of daily writing needs with few writers. This is the largest blogging tool on the globe used on millions of websites on a daily basis. The WordPress community makes it very easy to manipulate your sites requirements by providing all the necessary tools.

How to break into freelance WordPress Theme graphic design

Beginning a WordPress theme career begins with learning the basics of web and graphic design. In spite of the fact that WordPress uses templates, a clear understanding of web design and template manipulation is essential. This may also call for some html and CSS knowledge.

You break into this career by first training and making a few WordPress theme blogs or sites to use for your portfolio. You create you personal blogs to display your all round skills in web and graphic design. The next thing will be for you to register with a website that gives you the opportunity to contact clients or bid for jobs and begin working as a freelancer.

Who hires freelance WordPress Theme graphic designers?

Bloggers and other entrepreneurs use WordPress theme designers to design their blogs to their taste. The fact that WordPress comes in templates does not mean that anyone can use them easily. They still require some skill to make them useful and this is where you become useful as a freelancer.

Nevertheless, blogging is not the only way to use WordPress; this is also useful in other kinds of websites. You will find people who simply want to advertise themselves or their business using WordPress. Essentially as a web designer, you can use WordPress in many ways including creating ad sense websites for entrepreneurs. Writers also use word press to display their writing and advertise themselves. With writing being a top freelance career, there will be a lot of work for you.

What to charge

WordPress theme graphic design is more or less like web design. The only difference is that most of the work is done for you making it much easier to do the job. Web design related jobs charge between $35 and $70 per hour; however, this can go up to $100 depending on the complexity of the job. One the other hand you can charge a flat fee based on the total amount of work required. As a WordPress designer, determine how complex the work is and charge accordingly.

Functions of a freelance WordPress Theme graphic designer

Your job will be to determine your clients requirements and then use a WordPress template to meet their needs. You will give detailed information on the business or website. As a designer you will be require to make the site user friendly and administrator editable. This includes adding comments and enabling a conversation thread in a blog. You will also be required to incorporate security measures to deal with spam and hackers. Include any plug-in and check the websites spellings grammar and possible plagiarism.

Skills required in a WordPress Theme graphic designer

A WordPress theme designer requires basic html CSS graphics and web design skills.

Equipment and software required by a freelance Photoshop graphic designer

You will need a fast computer, internet and graphic design software to get you started. WordPress is downloadable from the internet and requires minimal investment, while other software like the adobe suite will cost you. Internet security is also very important if you want to keep your computer safe.

Where to look and apply for jobs

There are many WordPress jobs available on the internet. On the other hand, networking and attending workshops is helpful in marketing and displaying your work and skills.

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