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Freelance Graphic Design :
Learn How to Get PowerPoint Graphic Design Jobs

PowerPoint graphic design entails creating incredible presentations for various purposes. For example, PowerPoint creates a multilevel marketing sales presentation to a group for relaying via a projector. PowerPoint presentations are in high demand in the corporate world, however, not every person who knows how to use Microsoft Office can create outstanding PowerPoint presentation. Hence, the need to hire freelance designers for this kind of projects.

How to break into freelance PowerPoint graphic design

PowerPoint graphic design is not as complex as other design jobs. For example it takes much more create a web page than it takes to create a presentation in PowerPoint. First, the designer must have a passion for creativity as well as being proficient in Microsoft office. To break into this career as a freelancer is very easy. You can begin by creating a few presentations on a subject of choice.

For example as a graphic designer, you can create a presentation that aims to train upcoming Photoshop designers. Create your samples to the highest levels possible and make them interesting and informative too. Nevertheless, some knowhow in graphic design is required for you to edit images and make them fit into the projects theme. However, this does not require much formal training, just enough discernment and the desire to learn graphic design.

Who hires freelance PowerPoint graphic designers?

Individuals hire PowerPoint graphic designers and corporate organizations that require professionally laid out presentations. These can be business plan presentations; new products launch sales force training among others. Most people are conversant with PowerPoint but they can hardly edit or manipulate graphics to create high quality presentations.

What to charge

The charges for PowerPoint presentations vary with the complexity of the project and skill level. As mentioned earlier PowerPoint presentations are relatively easy to create and require minimal graphic design expertise. On the average, a PowerPoint graphic designer earns $15 - $45 per hour depending on the project. On the other hand, a fulltime PowerPoint designer will earn anywhere between $35,000 and $60,000. However, one can increase their earnings by improving skills and taking up other complex projects like web design.

Functions of a freelance PowerPoint graphic designer

A PowerPoint designer develops interactive presentations for various uses. These presentations will oftentimes require some graphic design knowledge and image editing.

Skills required in a PowerPoint graphic designer

It is mandatory for a PowerPoint designer to have high-level Microsoft office skills. This will help in navigation and enable them to integrate and link necessary files like excel spreadsheets. Graphic design knowledge is also required because the designer will be require editing and attaching images as well as manipulate graphics to work for the particular project.

Equipment and software required by a freelance PowerPoint designer

One will require a high specs computer as well as a reliable internet connection for uploading and downloading files. Apart from the computer and internet, investing in good graphic design software that can edit photos and manipulates images, illustrator CS5 is current and highly recommended. One cannot create PowerPoint presentations without Microsoft office. The latest version is office 2010, while there is office 2011 for Mac and PC users.

Where to look and apply for PowerPoint jobs

As a freelancer, begin looking for jobs on the internet. Start by creating a strong portfolio that can be viewed by your potential employers, this is your resume basically. You may also advertise yourself on your own website and display your skills and abilities.

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