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Freelance Graphic Design :
Learn How to Get Website Graphic Design Jobs

All web designers begin with some training in technology. Essentially, newcomers have no experience in the career and it takes time and effort for you to get to profitable levels in your business. When you begin without any experience except your web design skills, you will need to train a lot to get to a professional level.

How to break into freelance web design

It is essential for a discerning web designer to get the relevant training first before embarking on the business. The kind of training that web designers choose is dependent on their age; for example, a high school graduate may begin by taking a graphics or web design degree, while a person with some experience in design might only require little training in web design on the Internet and they are ready to begin.

After taking the necessary training, the best way to tell people that you can create good websites is by creating one of your own; make it as your marketing platform. Then create a portfolio of other website and use these to market yourself.

Who hires freelance web designers?

Today, we all require websites to talk more about our businesses and ourselves. Anyone who desires some online presence will require a website; this creates major business for web designers. The demand for websites is enormous; however, as a web designer you also have to be perceptive to succeed in this fast-paced career.

What to charge

Web design charges vary depending on the level of work required. One has to consider the number of pages required, the level of coding to be done, and if you are going to be using templates. Consider the amount of time it will take to edit images and make any required alterations on the site. SEO content is the other thing to consider if this is also your work.

As a web designer, you may choose to charge a flat fee or to charge hourly, agree with the person you your client on the mode of payment. Websites cost anything between $100 and $200 per page. However, you may begin low as a fresher and increase the rates with time. A simple website costs between $500 and $2,500 while a complex one costs between $1,500 and $5,000.

Functions of a freelance website graphic designer

A freelance web designer is required to design and code a website until it is operational.

Skills required in a website graphic designer

You will require web design skills along with graphic design. You cannot ignore image editing skills as well as the ability to sketch a site. Html and or CSS coding are also essential, you will also be required to know java script, iQuery among others.

Equipment and software required by a freelance website graphic designer

A web designer requires a number of software, these are adobe suite, which includes Dreamweaver, Photoshop and other graphics software, Joomla and word press are also very helpful. As a freelancer, Textmate or Coda are highly recommended to get you started in coding.

Where to look and apply for jobs

There are many jobs available in web design on the internet. On the other hand, you can also create social networking sites and blogs for friends and acquaintances. The possibilities and jobs in web design are many and can hardly be exhausted.

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