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Freelance Graphic Design :
Learn How to Get Website Banner Graphic Design Jobs

Ad banners are online advertising tools. They are essential in marketing products and services online and their design determines if web visitors will be interested in clicking on them. Advertising is a multimillion dollar business both online and offline.

How to break into freelance webpage banner design

Ad banners are necessary for advertising online. For pay per click advertising, the ads have to be attractive if people will click on them. Breaking into this career requires you to have basic web design and graphics skills. As a freelancer, you can begin by creating a few good ad banners and developing a portfolio of your best pieces.

Who hires freelance webpage banner designers?

Websites selling products and services require Ad banners. These include schools and colleges, online stores, and SEO companies among others. Websites that want to increase their online presence and improve search engine optimization use Ad banners. With millions of web pages coming up every day, the competition is very stiff and requires search engine optimization. Web page d banners are a great tool to achieve this goal and this creates numerous opportunities for a web page ad banner designer.

What to charge

Charges for webpage ad banners vary depending on the size of the ad and the complexity of the design. The average cost of a banner is $100 to $500. This can be higher or lower depending on the complexity of design image editing and animations required.

Functions of a freelance webpage banner designer

A webpage ad designer has the duty of creating eye-catching ads that web visitors will be interested in clicking on. These ads can include animations and graphics that excite web visitors. The text has to be concise and legible. As a designer, you may be required to create different sizes of the same ad to suit different sites and locations; for example, a bottom ad banner ought to be horizontal while banners that shows up on the side will be vertical. The designs will depend on the goods and services rendered by the site and are able to link to the relevant page on the site.

For example, a college that trains in differ fields will have a banner for different courses that pop up in different relevant sites. If they offer training in graphic design, then create an ad banner relevant to graphic design. Moreover, if they also offer automotive engineering training, then design a different ad for that cause.

Skills required in a webpage banner designer

A web banner designer requires basic html skills, and graphic design. They must be able to do animation and the ability to link. You must also understand the psychology of a web visitor and provide ads that are attractive and that present the website accordingly. The ability to edit and manipulate graphics is critical in banner designs.

Equipment and software required by a freelance webpage banner designer

Like every other graphic design career, you will require a fast computer that can accommodate the latest graphics software and a computer. In addition, you will need to invest in good graphic design and photo editing software. The Adobe Master Collection Suite has all the tools required to begin a career in freelance web page ad, graphics and web design.

Where to look and apply for jobs

The place to get web page ad jobs is on the internet. People who have websites need to advertise and they will most likely be looking for ad designers online.

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