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Freelance Graphic Design :
Learn How to Get Movie or Music Poster Graphic Design Jobs

A movie or music poster is a cover art designer who chooses to concentrate on music and video related projects. They also design other things like t-shirts, and other promotional merchandise for music and film artists. The t-shirts websites and all the other things they design are interrelated in one way or the other. The level of input into each job can vary depending on a number of factors.

How to break into freelance Movie or Music Poster graphic design

For one to break into this career it is important to have a passion for music, movies and entertainment. Apart from this, you will need to have basic training in graphic design and have the ability to sketch before putting down your work in visual graphics.

Once you have made your first good designs, create a collection that will be your portfolio. This is what you will be using to advertise yourself to potential employers online and offline. You can create an interactive presentation in PowerPoint or PDF, whichever you find comfortable to use. On the other hand, having your own website is important. It allows you to have a gallery of designs created over time, and who knows; people may be interested in older classic designs.

Who hires freelance Movie or Music Poster designers?

Music artists and film producers are the ones who require the services of poster designers. Whenever they have a concert, they advertise in posters amongst other advertising media. Similarly, producers advertise upcoming and just released movies using posters. These are easy to erect in many places and are cheaper to produce in comparison with other modes of advertising.

What to charge

You will charge depending on the movie or music album. However, you also need to consider the artist or producer. Some of them do not expect cheap charges, while others may be running on a low budget. Consider these along with the basic hourly rates for designers. Normally, poster designers charge $40 - $100 per hour depending on the complexity of the job, while charging for the whole project is highly recommended.

Functions of a freelance Movie or Music Poster designer

A poster designer has the duty to design an advertisement in a poster that will let the public know about an album, artist, music or film. The designer has to make the design eye-catching and relevant to the season. Essentially this will be the selling tool for the music or movie.

Skills required in a Movie or Music Poster designer

As a music or movie poster designer, first you have to have a passion for entertainment and informed on the latest trends. Along with this, you will need to have good Photoshop and graphic design skills. For a poster designer your skills have to be above average to succeed in a dynamic and demanding career. You also have to understand music and movie lovers' psychology in order to give them the very best.

Equipment and software required by a freelance Movie or Music Poster designer

As a poster designer, you require graphic design software, a lot of creativity and the ability to sketch. You have to be convincing in sketch before designing virtually. You also must have a computer that can accommodate the latest graphics software along with a good Internet connection.

Where to look and apply for jobs

These are entertainment industry jobs. Having a good network of music artists and producers and movie producers is helpful. On the other hand, you can begin by looking for work on the Internet. This is much easier and less demanding.

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