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Freelance Graphic Design :
Learn How to Get Landing Page Graphic Design Jobs

A landing page is the first page that one stumbles upon when you click a PPC advertisement or after making a search in a search engine. This is not necessarily the first page of a web site. For example, if you type graphic designers in Florida, the search engine will not take you to the first page of the website, but one that talks about graphic designers in Florida. This will be on the first ten pages of the search results.

A landing page designer is actually a web designer who takes into critical consideration the services rendered by a website and ensures that the content in those pages is relevant to what people would be searching. They have to ensure that the web visitor either makes a purchase or gives them the opportunity to register for newsletters and promotional offers.

How to break into freelance landing page design

As a landing page designer, you will require the same skills as a web designer. However, having SEO knowledge will be very helpful. For you to break into this career, you have to first train in web design, this will include some image editing and graphic design knowledge. On the other hand, you have to learn SEO skills like key word optimization and Google ad words. Learning web visitors psychology is also very important in this career.

Who hires freelance landing page designers?

Businesses that run websites will require the services of a landing page designer. You will help them optimize their web pages, make them more visitors friendly, and provide the information required by the visitors.

What to charge

Landing page charges are the same as web design charges. Nevertheless, they may be a little higher because of the SEO services included in the package. As a landing page designer, you will have to include all the services required and come up with different packages for different needs. For example, a website that has only 20 pages will cost less than a site that sells hundreds of goods.

A landing page should cost between $400 and $1,300, a strong landing page should not cost less than $1,000. SEO skills help you advise a customer on the visitor conversion rates and hence making the charges worth.

Functions of a freelance landing page design

As a landing page designer, you have the duty of designing pages that will give client conversions. This may include the shopping cart, newsletter sign up form, as well as making it easy to navigate around the products on the page.

Skills required in a landing page designer

You will require web design skills as well as SEO knowledge.

Equipment and software required by a freelance landing page designer

You will require graphic design software like CorelDraw and adobe maser collection suite for design work. On the other hand investing in SEO tutorials will help you understand SEO better in order to give the best in landing pages. Apart from this, a good internet connection along with a good computer is essential.

Where to look and apply for jobs

You will find most of the work from the internet. Begin by registering with an employment site for freelancers; highlight your skills and grow from there. Landing page experts recommended that you network and attend workshops and let other people know what you do for a living. This is also another good way of searching for customers.

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