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Learn How to Get Joomla Website Design Jobs

Joomla is web content management system that allows you update websites and pages easily. Joomla essentially runs on three element: the template, content and the WebPages. It consists of several extensions as additional extensions.

How to break into freelance Joomla graphic design

As a Joomla web designer, you develop information architecture that is easily usable by web visitors. For you to break into this career, you must have knowledge in web design and know how to use Joomla. Joomla is free; however, an amateur can hardly use it unless they know web design. You will need to download the Joomla software from the internet, create links for your menus. Begin by developing some sites for yourself and friends; you may do this free of charge because at the end of the day you will gain experience.

Who hires freelance Joomla graphic designers?

People who require simple yet functional websites hire Joomla graphic designers. Bloggers and article directory investors also find them to be very helpful. This is not limited to individual investors; even the government of Greece is using Joomla. This means that jobs are in plenty for a seasoned freelance Joomla designer.

What to charge

Many companies begin by buying a domain name followed by web design. However, with Joomla does most of the work for you as a designer and you are only required to do a little manipulation to get a site up and running. This makes Joomla design rates much lower than other web design projects.

A simple Joomla site can take about two to three days to create; hence, the average cost is between $750 and $1,500. This will depend on the number of pages required. Consider using already created Joomla templates. For maintenance, an average charge of between $40 and $60 per hour is appropriate.

Functions of a freelance Joomla graphic designer

A Joomla web designer uses the platform to create websites for various needs. You will need to understand the sites requirements, create contact us page, a sign up form along with uploading the content. However, it is good to make the site administrator revisable for ease of use. You will also include SEO optimization, allow addition of new content, ability to easily hyperlink and make the site easy to update in the absence of the administrator. For example, when a blogger posts a comment, it should be viewable immediately, but editable by the administrator if the content is not right.

Skills required in a Joomla graphic designer

A Joomla web designer requires web design skills along with the ability to optimize SEO content. You will find that most Joomla website users target ads for revenue. Joomla has its own style of development. HTML and web design skills are essential for one to get paid work, however you can begin training yourself by developing some sites for yourself family and friends.

Equipment and software required by a freelance Joomla graphic designer

As a Joomla developer, you must have a reliable and fast computer along with a good internet connection. You download Joomla and the templates therein from the Internet. Get a computer with a minimum 1GB ram and a fast yet affordable Internet connection because you will be downloading and uploading huge volumes of data.

Where to look and apply for jobs

You find Most Joomla jobs on the Internet. Start by registering with a site that links Joomla developers and end users and grow from there. You can also network and use social media to let people know what you do as a freelance Joomla developer.

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