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Freelance Graphic Design :
Learn How to Get Flash Website Design Jobs

Seasoned web designers also use Flash for their web site development. The most commonly used software is adobe Flash, used to edit and manipulate videos, vector and raster graphics for both Pc Mac and mobile browsers. Macromedia developed this software however; adobe systems distribute it as standalone software or as a part of a software package.

How to break into freelance Flash Website design

For one to break into Flash website design, they must they must have web design skills, work on some practical projects and develop a portfolio that will enable them get Flash design jobs. You can begin with personal or pet projects that are attractive. Consider creating your own website with some Flash animations or doing some animations for friends and relatives. This will be a great way to begin.

On the other hand, it is invaluable to attempt to create projects similar to others that are outstanding. Then you can gauge your expertise.

Who hires freelance Flash Website designers?

People who require websites and web ad banners also require Flash designers. Which means that as a Flash designer, you will design the website, the ad banners that incorporate Flash designs? These are a part of the website.

What to charge

Flash design charges vary depending on the complexity of designs. A website with Flash designs should cost a minimum of $300 and upwards depending on the complexity. Think of how much time it will take you to design the whole site calculate the rate per hour and convert that into the entire time taken. For example if it will take you one week to develop the site and you work 10 hours daily, that will be approximately 50hours of work. Multiply that by the hourly rate say it is $50 per hour. Hence, your actual charges should be $2500 for the site. You may include any other charges like alterations and changes made and include that in the cost.

Functions of a freelance Flash Website designer

A Flash website designer uses Flash tools to create interactive videos for websites. As a designer, he or she creates many variable effects, animations and text for web pages. His primary goal is to create many interactive WebPages using software like Adobe Flash. They also research and come up with new creative designs for the WebPages and will occasionally support other people in preparing presentation content, for example in PowerPoint.

Skills required in a Flash Website designer

A Flash web designer will need to have basic web design skills as well as staying current with the latest programming software. This is not difficult with so many tutorials available on the internet.

Equipment and software required by a Flash Website designer

You need to have a good computer for a fast turnaround of work along with a reliable internet connection. On finishing the designs it is good to test them on a computer that runs at a slower speed to ensure that the site run smoothly even on slower CPUs. Apart from a good computer and internet, investing in the latest and best Flash design software is mandatory for success as a freelancer. Consider illustrator master collection suite that will enable you do much more than Flash designs.

Where to look and apply for jobs

There are numerous opportunities for a Flash designer on the internet. As a fresh freelancer, begin by registering with a freelancing website, which enables employers and Flash designers to meet and work. Develop a portfolio and use this as your marketing tool and you are on your way to career growth and success.

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