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Learn How to Get Drupal Website Design Jobs

There are different content management system applications available in the market and Drupal is one of them. Drupal uses PHP in backends of systems for most websites globally. It has been the worlds most famous content management framework with the best features to customize a website and is search engine friendly.

With so many applications available in the market today used for web development, one has to consider a number of factors before settling on any. Nevertheless, Drupal enables users to manage and create different content like polls, videos, blogs and podcasts in a real-time manner. It is also highly cost effective and a great choice for a beginner freelancer.

How to break into freelance Drupal Website design

Drupal website design requires web design and some programming skills. The ability to use HTML and CSS are critical for success. Begin by creating a few sites that may be real-time or not, the best thing is to create real-time sites and use these as part of your portfolio. As a beginner, people might find it hard to trust you with projects like Drupal; you may begin by doing a few charity sites or for your friends and relatives to build a portfolio that will earn you money.

Who hires freelance Drupal Website designers?

Companies and people who require websites with some programming involved hire Drupal web designers. Often times, these are corporate organizations; a good example is The White House and Amnesty International.

What to charge

Drupal rates can be hourly or you may choose to charge for the whole site. It really depends on how much work is involved in building the site. The cost can be $500 for a beginner and $2500 for a more seasoned developer. This can be approximately 48 hours worth of work for the whole site. Eventually after acquiring all the necessary skills, you may use your hourly rates and increase the charges accordingly.

Functions of a freelance Drupal Website designer

A Drupal website developer programs and designs a website to make it functional using CSS. They determine the kind of visitors that will be visiting the site and the amount of work involved. The tasks may include pay per click advertising and search engine marketing. The developer will structure the site and install applications on the server. They will then configure the application work with the CMS framework, which may include changing applications and some coding.

Skills required in a Drupal Website designer

A Drupal website designer will be required to have the basic web design skills along with other desirable skills like, PHP, HTML, CSS and they must be able to configure permissions for interactive sites. Basic SEO skills are a bonus for a Drupal developer.

Equipment and software required by a freelance Drupal Website designer

You will be required to use content management system software while software like DreamWeaver are necessary. Having a whole graphics package like Adobe Master Collection Suite is good for you to get different jobs that will increase your pay. As a web developer, you will require a reliable internet connection and computer to get your jobs done efficiently.

Where to look and apply for jobs

You will find most Drupal jobs advertised on the Internet. However, if you really want to have consistent work as a new freelancer, register with a site that helps Drupal developers and employers meet and work together.

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