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Freelance Graphic Design :
Learn How to Get Business Cards Graphic Design Jobs

The advancement in internet technologies has made it possible for freelance business card designers to succeed in their career. The first idea that comes to the mind of a designer is freedom, being your own boss as well as earning as much as you can.

How to break into freelance business cards graphic design

Your business card portfolio is your online image. Begin by creating a portfolio of your best work. Use a few pieces of your best work rather than a large one with less quality. You can have your portfolio on the site where you are searching for work, while having a personal website is very helpful.

It is also important for you to learn some entrepreneurial skills that will take care of the business. Learn how to make quotations and to charge depending on the quality of your work and complexity of the project. Expanding your network is helpful too when one is beginning.

Who hires freelance business cards graphic designers?

Freelance business cards designers find most of their work online. There are many online sites where one can find freelance jobs. However, sticking to one site and building a portfolio and credibility there is better. This gives you better opportunities with clients looking for freelancers on that site, when they see the quality of jobs done and the number of happy clients. You can also find jobs amongst your acquaintances and print shops that frequently print business cards.

What to charge

Business cards charges vary depending on the complexity of the projects. While business cards are essentially easy to create, there may be complex tasks like Photoshop and image editing. Many graphic designers employed on a fulltime basis earn an average of $45,000-$60,000. Nevertheless you may choose to charge hourly rates and these can range from $15 per hour to about $50 per hour. These rates are by the scope of work and experience.

Functions of a freelance business cards graphic designer

A business card designer creates business cards also known as visiting cards. These personal identification documents contain one's contacts and business details. A business card is the first impression that you give to people, they identify you by the card hence it has to be classy and professionally designed for a positive image. The graphic designer hence has to create not only eye catching but also professional cards that are legible.

Skills required in a business cards graphic designer

Business cards graphic design is probably the easiest place for a new designer to begin. One can even self train with a few tutorials and templates available on the internet and in software like Illustrator CS. Designing cards is not complex; even newbies can create incredible business cards. Color separation is a critical skill in business card design. Your clients may require you to submit files that are ready for press.

Equipment and software required by a business cards graphic designer

The first tool that a business card designer requires is a computer. Get a computer with a ram of 1 GB RAM and above for best performance. Reliable internet is also required along with graphic design software. The illustrator CS suit is easy to learn and use and is useful for many other jobs like books magazine and web design.

Where to look and apply for jobs

When one is just starting a freelance graphic design career, the best place to begin is with freelance online jobs. This allows you to work with a variety of clients and build your skills. On the other hand, you can freelance with friends and build a network with people who believe in you and your work. Business cards design is a timeless career because all of us need them as an image tool.

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