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Freelance Graphic Design :
Learn How to Get Blog Graphic Design Jobs

Blogs have become very popular internet tools for interactive discussions on a variety of subjects. This has come with jobs creation for sharp freelance blog designers. If you desire to be a freelance blog designer, there will be a lot of work for you and a lot to learn along the way.

Breaking into freelance blog design

A blog designer would have to think about a number of things that are helpful in breaking into this career. Like with any other graphic design career, blog design requires some training in CSS and HTML. Apart from designing a blog site, having knowledge about web content development and graphic design is also helpful.

Most designers begin by acquiring formal training in graphic design and color theory. However, there are renowned graphic designers who have trained themselves on the job and polished up their skills to professional levels; it all depends on your enthusiasm and creativity. Create a portfolio of your best work and use this as a marketing tool. Keep improving it by removing the older pieces and replacing them with newer and better blogs.

Who hires freelance blog designers?

Freelance blog designers are in high demand these days. Many entrepreneurs who require profit making blog posts are using them to develop the WebPages. On the other hand, social marketing is also in high demand and this creates room for blog design jobs. Blogs are not limited to individuals desiring to make money but even ecommerce sites and corporate organizations are using blogging as a way of interacting with their customers.

What to charge

Like with other graphic design jobs blog designing charges depend on the complexity of the job. You will need to understand the scope of work. A blog will include many features apart from the different pages. These may include a feedback form, social media buttons, i.e. facebook twitter, LinkedIn YouTube among others. Consider the amount of images that require editing and the level of coding too if any.

Most designers will charge a flat fee depending on the amount of work. Hourly rates can be deceiving in that you may end up charging less. Most designers earn approximately $35,000 - $70,000 depending on the employer and the nature of designs they work on. While the ones who chose to charge hourly fees, rate at $15 - $50 per hour. Newbies should begin low and increase charges as your skills improve and as clients gain confidence in your work.

Functions of a freelance blog designer

Essentially blog designers create interactive blog pages for individuals businesses and corporate organizations.

Skills required in a blog designer

As a blog designer, you will require basic web design and html skills. Of course Photoshop cannot be ignored because this is a critical skill in editing images and videos for the site.

Equipment and software required by a freelance blog designer

Every graphics and web designer must have a fast computer to work effectively. You will also require a reliable and fast internet connection for uploading and downloading files. Apart from this, get the latest web and graphics software for the job. Illustrator CS5 is great for both designing and editing graphics. Dream weaver is the best web design software there is in the market, while Joomla is also very popular.

Where to look and apply for jobs

The Internet is rich with blog design jobs; this is the best place to begin. While on the other hand, you can practice with blogs for friends and relatives and soon you will be getting referrals to boost your portfolio.

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