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Freelance Graphic Design :
Learn How to Get HTML and CSS Graphic Design Jobs

Html and CSS are more of web design rather than graphic design skills. All web designers begin by learning some graphics skills before they can begin coding. Traditional HTML required one to do minor changes every now and then that were time-consuming depending on the number of pages to edit. However, with CSS, you can determine how each page should appear and enter the information in one CSS text file.

How to break into freelance CSS and HTML graphic design

For one to break into this career, they will need to have web design and web development skills. You must be able to code in HTML and CSS on a variety of platforms, for example HTML, XHTML and XML programming. You will also be required to develop a portfolio that you are going to use to market yourself and your work.

You can begin by developing a few functional websites that potential employers can see. If you are a new web designer or graphic designer, there are numerous books and resources available on the Internet for you to use in getting into this career. You will also be required to learn SEO because this is a useful skill today and very essential for a web developer.

Who hires freelance CSS and HTML graphic designers?

CSS and HTML designers are hired by people who require websites. The employers can be people in business or corporate organizations. Today almost each one requires a website; hence, the unlimited jobs you can find in this industry.

What to charge

A simple website should cost approximately $500 to $2,500 while a more complex websites can cost between $2,500 and $25,000. A site similar to MySpace can cost between $500 and $30,000. So really, it depends on the kind of a site that you are developing.

Nevertheless, as a beginner freelancer, it is unlikely that you will land a $5,000 job immediately. Put you beginner hourly rates at about $20-30 per hour and increase with time. Consider how much time it would take you to create a site and calculate the full amount you will charge. This should include any changes and alterations.

Functions of a freelance CSS and HTML graphic designer

The designer will code in CSS, and design websites. You must have a clear understanding of the expected functions of the site and design the site in relevance to the functions.

Skills required in a CSS and HTML graphic designer

A HTML and CSS designer must have the basic skills required for a web designer along with graphic design skills; you will design a fully functional website. Other desirable skills in a web designer are java script, MSQL database, SEO, Flash, HTML5, as well as keeping up to date with the latest tools and software in a dynamic and ever growing field.

Equipment and software required by a freelance CSS and HTML graphic designer

You will be required to keep up to date with the latest and most functional software. Having DreamWeaver, along with other coding software, is essential. You will need a variety of specialties if you really want to grow in this career. This may include some marketing skills as well as some programming languages. Find a CSS coding language that you can learn easily and begin with that. Consider investing in a good computer and Internet connection as this will be your primary communication tool.

Where to look and apply for jobs

As a freelancer, look for jobs is on the Internet. Internet marketing has grown so much lately, and people willing to spend on good websites are turning to the Internet to get the service providers.

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