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Freelance Graphic Design :
Learn How To Get T-Shirt Graphic Design Jobs

T-shirt graphic design is not only exciting but also rewarding to a freelancer. T-shirts are a popular dress across both genders and all ages. Hence, the increased demand for beautifully designed t-shirts. Many people including high-end shops require the services of t-shirt designers on a daily basis.

How to break into freelance t-shirt graphic design

As technology continues to improve, this is giving designers the opportunity to break into canvas and fabric printing. For a freelancer to break into t-shirt design, they require basic drawing skills, some graphic design, and knowledge in color theory as well as color separation. Some t-shirts created in full color do not need color separations to print. However, when printing in masses, colors separation gives the best output.

Begin by compiling your best designs and creating a portfolio, this is the resume representing your work. The other means you can use to break into the career and start getting jobs is by attending t-shirt contests. At these contests, you will be able to view other peoples work, as well as highlighting yours and getting potential clients. T-shirts contests allow you to submit your own design based on the contests templates and the visitors can choose the designs they like best.

Who hires freelance t-shirts graphic designers?

People who want to create unique t-shirt designs as well as factories that manufacture t-shirts in bulk hire freelance t-shirts designers. This is a multimillion-dollar industry with each person across the globe owning at least one if not a number of t-shirts. Corporate organizations that want unique t-shirts for dress down Fridays or corporate social responsibility activities will hire t-shirt graphic designers. Also unique t-shirts are required for promotional purposes hence the need to have unique eye-catching designs. Religious organizations hire t-shirts designers to pass across their messages as well.

What to charge

Charges for t-shirt design vary with the complexity of designs. Remember this is more of a canvas job and one has to consider much more in terms of color theory and combinations. Many graphic designers charge for an entire job, this helps because you can estimate the amount of work required including any alterations and corrections. T-shirts graphic designers earn approximately $35,000 - $70,000 depending on who they are working for and their expertise. However, one may charge hourly fees for alterations and other smaller jobs, which can be anything from $20 to $50 per hour.

Functions of a freelance t-shirt graphic designer

The main purpose of a t-shirt graphic designer is to create eye catching t-shirts for whichever purpose. The drawings give different impressions of the t-shirt wearer, hence, the designer has to be aware of his audience or wearer and create appropriate t-shirts. The designer has to get an idea, put it down in graphics and eventually make it printable on a t-shirt.

Skills required in a t-shirt graphic designer

A t-shirt graphic designer will need to have basic drawing and drafting skills as well a good knowledge of using graphic design software. On the other hand, they will require to have screen printing knowledge as well as color separation skills.

Equipment and software required by a t-shirt graphic designer

You will of cause need a computer. An internet connection is also essential for communication as well as a dark room for color separations may be also necessary. This depends on whether you will be delivering color-separated work or you will deliver the work virtually. On the other hand, you need graphic design software like Corel draw or illustrator CS.

Where to look and apply for jobs

You can find t-shirt designing jobs online while it is also very important to network and display your work. Attending graphic design workshops will also help you advertise yourself to the public.

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